Water isnīt equal to water.
Therefore make sure to get top quality.

Water ist essential ! As manīs elixier of life anyway, But also for the operation of the most varied facilities. The crucial faktor is in ervery case the perfect and Adequate quality of the required water. Problem: Chemically pure water (H2O) does not occur in Nature. Depending on its origin our water contains Foreign matter such as dissolved salts, gases, acids And bases. The specific treatment for the respective Application therefore is an absolute necessity.

Softening, decarbonization, demineralization &
Many paths are open to us.

Water ist valuable ! Reason enough for treating it With all means of our technology - softening, Decarbonization, demineralization, degasification, Neutralizing, dechlorination, deferrization etc. The ways are different, our aim remains the Same: optimal water quality for an all-over un- Problematic use of water. Round the world the Rewasit systems are well established in the most varied operative ranges. Be sure that we know the right solution for your problem defination.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified.